Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt's home in Medora was this small 3 room cabin It is still decorated with the vintage furniture and items of the late 1800's. Theodore Roosevelt came to North Dakota to hunt buffalo in 1883. He fell in love with the area and bought 2 ranches in the area to raise cattle.

The Theodore Roosevelt visitor center is quite well done and very informative. This wooden carving is life size. Impressive

I need one of my grandsons to identify this dinosaur. Can't remember which one it is.

We toured the Chateau de Mores State Historic site. A very well kept 1880's style 26 room Chateau built by a French nobleman, the Marquis de Mores. He named the town Medora after his wife Medora on Hoffman. This is one of the stage coaches that traveled between Deadwood and Medora.

The home and museum are filled with very unique items including many of the guns used by Theodore Roosevelt and Marquis de Mores from the 1800's.

The home had a room filled with old bottles. All of the wine, water, and other drinks were sent by train from New York. Hmm, a wine closet I would like to have.

This is one of the rooms used by the servants and the de Mores children. The dolls and furniture were all shipped by train from New York.

The tack room was complete with equipment for riding and hunting. Its said the Marquis would brag that his wife was a better marksman than he was and would frequently hunt on her own when the Marqui was busy.

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  1. I think Theodore Roosevelt's home looks very cute. It must have been wonderful to grow up in a peaceful country home like that. Life seems so slow. However, Roosevelt grew up like a real cowboy!

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