Friday, August 26, 2011

Roughlock Falls
Its hike day, our Boomer group is at Roughlock Falls outside of Spearfish along Spearfish Creek. An amazing wonderful area to hike. We saw clear water tumbling over limestone cliffs. Birch, Aspen and Pine trees surrounded us as well as lots of greenery and chokecherries. The final scene from Dance with Wolves was shot here. I can certainly see why this area was chosen.

I'm a sucker for quotes. Loved this one and several others that were posted on our hike.

Some of our hikers. Betty and Duane are in the middle of the group. Thank you Betty for planning this hike and giving us an opportunity to explore this gorgeous area.

Spearfish falls. Can you feel the spray cooling us.

Boomer friends give hugs, plan activities, create the best happy hours, provide yummy potlucks, tell of their adventures, share advice, lend a helping hand, and love life and so much more. . We are so fortunate to have these friends....Jan and Chuck Moore.

A special spot along the hike.

Jan and I played twins today...very patriotic twins.

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