Monday, August 1, 2011

Rolling hills

Corn Fields. We're not in Kansas anymore.
Nebraska corn graces the countryside as far as the eye can see. It looks really green and healthy here.

Cousins. Gordon and Billie in North Platte. We spent a wonderful evening with my cousin Billie and her husband Monte. They treated us to a delicious home cooked meal. Such fun to catch up on old times growing up in Nebraska.

Then to visit with cousin Gordie and his wife Mary on the right and Billie and her husband Monte on the left. A delightful time sharing family memories.

30 foot tall Wild Bill Cody stands in front of the Museum.

The museum had 20,ooo miniature characters hand carved and painted by a couple over a 12 year time period. The diorama depicts the Wild Bill Cody Show and comes alive with moving parts and music.

This is a miniature chuck wagon setup complete with a layout of food.

Dick imprisoned in the Fort Cody Jail. We had fun touring the grounds. They even had a stuffed 2 headed cow on display.

Our campsite on the Middle Loop River...mud river outside of Thedford. This is in the Nebraska National Forest. All of the trees and plants were hand planted and they have a large nursery on site.

Great quiet spot for $4. a night or $5.50 with electric. We were right on the water... great biking and hiking paths.

Sunsets were beautiful and we spent 4 evenings enjoying this peace and tranquility except for the trains rumbling by.

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