Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This Park is located in the North Dakota Badlands named for the president who is remembered as being one of America's great conservationists.

The canyons were carved out by millions of years of the natural forces of the wind , rain and waters of the Little Missouri River. We had great views from the visitor center outside the south side of the park.

Hundreds of little prairie dogs are living throughout the park. They even have a city titled Prairie Dog City. Their bark is this high pitched chirp. Really cute how they interact and protect their home from other little prairie dogs. Ok, I'm fascinated by the tiniest minutia.

The 36 mile loop trail gave us ample time to enjoy the views. We did several hikes including the Ridgeline Trail and the Boicourt Overlook.

Plan more hikes in the next few days as we'll be staying in the park in the campground.

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