Sunday, August 7, 2011

Into South Dakota and fields and fields of sunflowers in full bloom. Love to cut a huge bunch but no roadside stands in sight. Traveler did tell me they are used for human consumption, bird feed and some are sent to Asia.

Just one of those signs that sticks with you. The name is somewhat magical....

Another state. North Dakota.. South Dakota was sort of a blur as we plan on returning and spending lots of time here with fellow Escapees later this month.

We crossed the Missouri river. Lots of flooding through the area. Some farm lands could not be planted as they were under water. Detours and closed roads were the issue of the day.

Flooded by ways and markings on homes as to how high the water flowed.

Continue to be infatuated with silos and grain elevators for feed storage. We are so fortunate to get to travel through these green green fields.

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