Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our friendly bald eagle appears out of nowhere for a visit. He just hangs around and poses for us.

A ferry trip to Seldovia a quaint little fishing village and tourist attraction. 265 residents here. Travel around town is easy on the boardwalks and hiking trails out to see the salmon swimming upstream , the puffins, and sea otters.

Beautiful glass window in the visitor center.

Loved the little houses set up on the pilings. Yes this is a real lived in home.

Dick with Sharon, pup Molly and Gary , camping neighbors and new friends at Homer Spit. 2 days of sunshine........amazing

Dick with his bud the EAGLE. Seldovia has a wood carving event each Memorial Day weekend. The carvings are displayed throughout the village.

Relaxing with my fresh catch in Soldotna on the Kenai River

Camped a night at Deep Creek. Tractors pull boats in and out of the ocean waters. There were 105 trailers on the beach, lots of work for those old John Deere tractors.

Our winter clothes are getting lots of use. Long Johns, hat, gloves ....all the layers to keep warm. Red boots getting lots of use.

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  1. Looks cold! It is hot here in AZ., even Prescott. Miss you