Friday, July 9, 2010

Can't believe this view. It seems more like a winter ski
picture than July. Locals tell us this is an unusual
cool summer. 52 degrees out this morning.
Dick and I were camped at Resurrection Trail Head
about 120 miles from Homer, when it felt like someone was
attempting to pick up and shake the RV. We stared at each other...checked out our surroundings and found nothing. We
found out the next day that Anchorage had an earthquake.
Another Alaska Adventure for the Millers

Docks,fisherman and halibut. My kind of

Finally today, the sun is shining. We're
getting ready to catch the big one.
Fishing from the shore is on the agenda
today and Halibut fishing early next week

Too gorgeous for words....

OCean and mtns. Great views

We're camped at Homer Spit
Public Camp Ground. $15
a night for this scenery.
we're in the front row looking at
this ocean

Dick and I celebrating 21st Wedding Anniversary.
He always wants to lead!!!!!

Anchorage campground. Looks like
Moe has chewed up on of her favorite stuffed
animals. The cotton is actually shed from the trees
Seems like they could make t shirts or something out
of this stuff.

Flowers in Anchorage are amazing.
gardens and hanging baskets bloom
everywhere. Anchorage is Alaska's largest city
located on Cook Inlet with the Chugach mountains
in the background. Quite a site.

My favorite bear....

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