Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Denali National Park about 6 million acres
We took the 11 hour roundtrip bus tour in to WonderLake. What a beautiful day. Some rain and a little overcast but a great day
to see critters.

We saw 8 caribou this day. These guys must have just had lunch as they were quite lazy.

A total of 7 grizzly bears. This mom was with her two cubs
romping in the meadow.

Mr moose was one of the nine we saw throughout the day.

The old grey wolf was collared for tracking purposes. We saw 5 wolves, one mom with her 3 pups. In addition 25 doll sheep, one red fox, one loon and in excess of 150 mosquitos.

This is the view from our campsite outside Denali Park. We could watch rafters as they paddled down the river and through a set of rapids. Good entertainment.

Mt McKinley in all its glory. The highest peak in North America at 20,320 feet. Nearly a thousand people a year attempt to climb this mtn.

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