Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

We've been busy and at National Parks so out of the Blogsite range along with spending more time enjoying our selves instead of the computer. being a little lazy .....We enjoyed Yellowstone last week. These beautiful Elk were in the Park at the Visitor Center at Mammoth Hot Springs area. Even a huge bull elk unfortunately he did not enjoy posing for pics.

Dick waiting for Old Faithful to Blow and she did. Another special moment at Yellowstone.

This is 5 o'clock traffic at Yellowstone. Hmm the bison do have the right of way!
We saw 100's of them this day.

Mud volcanoes were bubbling throughout the park some even in the parking lots.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It didn't have the deep colors of our Grand Canyon but quite beautiful with a view of water falls .

Then off to the Grand Tetons. Blog post on that later. We're just outside of Jackson Wyoming and traveling towards Flaming Gorge National Park in the next few days.

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