Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pond Oreille Idaho

Sept. 15, 2009

We're in Sandpoint Idaho camped out at Walmart! Spent the day touring the area. Sandpoint is a destination resort about 30 miles North of Coeur d Alene. Visited Pond Oreille, a great lake in the middle of town, walked the sandy beach and enjoyed splashing in the water.

A drive up to Schweitzer Mountain. Is it ski season, yet? Leaves are truning and it feels like fall. New condos are being built just above the lodge.

Just finished kayaking at Round Lake, outside of Sandpoint. . A very serene spot. Oh so quiet.. no cabins, boats or people. This must be close to heaven.

Dick and Moe and Kootenai Falls. 15,00 years ago, land was in the last phase of the Ice Age which covered the valley under 4,000 feet of ice. As the iced melted and retreated the Kootenai River cut through hundreds of glacial sediment over thousands of years. The falls drop 90 feet per mile from the falls to the canyon. We hiked own into the falls, amazing to look/listen and enjoy.

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