Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grand Tetons

Our view of the Grand Tetons with reflection in Jackson Lake as seen from our campsite at Colter Bay. Amazing formation starting 2 million years ago, massive glaciers up to 3,500 feet thick flowed south from Yellowstone and filled the valley...eroding mountains, moving and depositing huge volumes of rocky glacial debris. The sheets of ice filled the valley, alpine glaciers sculpted the jagged Teton skyline. The glaciers carved the peaks and canyons ancd created many lakes along the base of the Teton Range. We marvel at the beauty and appreciate all that nature provides. While we were visiting, several large lightning caused fires burned around the area giving us the smokey haze reflected in this pic.

Yes, we are wearing lifejackets ( not just a weight gain). We spent an afternoon on a raft trip cruising down the snake river in pursuit of wildlife. Starting from just below Jackson Lake Lodge and taking out at Deadmans Bar Road. Our big find: several bald eagles, lots of beaver homes, and a relaxing time with Mike, our very entertaining and educational tour guide.

Clarence the big bull moose of the Tetons. We had been kayaking through the tributaries of the Snake River thinking we were totally away from civilization when we happened around a corner to this huge guy munching grass and algae from the river.

We could get within about 50 feet of him while nearly a 100 photographers sat across the road trying to get their great shots. A photographer festival was going on at Jackson Lake....I'd never seen such enormous lenses or so many people in photo vests lugging tripods. We could have rented out our kayaks many times over.

Moose Ruby and her calf Mattie entertained us for 30 minutes with their antics. Notice the decorative collar on Ruby not just to keep her classically dressed but to track her travels. The calf was still quite attached to her mom but certainly enjoyed the water. Clarence kept constant watch from just across the stream.

My great viewpoint from kayak. WOW what an opportunity.
See the moose in the background and the glorious fall colors .
My BEST kayak day ever.
Beautiful glaciers all around. Brr cold at night 20's ...sunny days 70's. We're enjoying the sunsets and campfires at night. A great time for Arizonans to appreciate the cool temps and fall colors.

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  1. I loved the baby moose picture. And to see them while you kayaked was great. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Is it getting cold? Are you ready to go home yet?