Sunday, September 20, 2009

60 days out and loving the lifestyle

We're 60 + days out on this adventure. Can you tell we're still having fun??We have visited 7 states and 2 countries...Az, Calif, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana ...... US and Canada.
Traveled over 3,500 miles in our RV and 2,000 miles in our jeep
Spent 3 days in the rain otherwise weather has been a summers dream Listened to trains 44 nights or 70% of our sleepy nights...
Our new motto: I hear the train a coming, this must be our camp site.
Picked at least 2 gallons of wild blackberries and ate nearly that many. Shopped at one major grocery store other than that we have enjoyed farmers markets, roadside stands, fishing boats, fish stands, wineries, the locals and our friends and relatives gourmet meals.
Fun? yes...
Exciting? always
Exceeded expectations? in every way

Glacier National Park .... So many glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, beautiful views....its hard to know which ones to post. Glacier Park was named to describe the 30 to 40 slow moving glaciers that carved awe-inspiring valleys throughout the nearly 1 million acres. We traveled the " Going to the Sun Road " to get the viewing of the dramatic mountain scenery.

At times the roads were narrow, we were detained for road work and crept along due to the rock overhang. Dick had white knuckles, a cramp in his break foot, furrows across his temples .... and he was only sitting in the passenger seat. HMM

No this guy was not really a close encounter but rather on display at the Canadian Visitor Center at Glacier Bay. We did have lots of warnings about Bear sightings and warnings to make a lot of noise and carry bear repellant spray...

This TRex was also on display at the Canadian visitor Center. He was uncovered in Canada with all bones complete . What an enormous display.

View of Lake McDonald the largest body of water in the park.

We camped at the park.. a great pull through spot $10 a night with just a short walk to this amazing view.

I loved the reflection inthe water at St Mary's Lake.

Virginia Falls..One of our favorite falls. We hiked down to see this magnificent view.

Yes, we're still kayaking. Calm waters and picture postcard amazing.

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  1. Looks great! So glad that we can share adventures on the blog. Keep them coming