Friday, September 16, 2011

Travels to Hubbell Trading Post

Wilson Arch

Wilson Arch, with a span of 91 feet and height of 46 feet, is located about 24 miles south of Moab on US 191. The arch is visible from the road and there is a pulloff on the left.  I've learned to keep my eyes open on our travels.  You never know when a sight like this will present itself.  (not my pic)

 We enjoyed our stop at the Hubbell Trading Post.  These buildings are quite well preserved.  This guest hogan was used by Hubbell to take care of friends and travelers.  The hogan was built in 1934 Hubbell started this trading post in the 1870's and expanded the post and ranch. Later a post office was opened.  In 1883, a small pox epidemic killed thousands of local people.  Hubbell opened his home as a hospital of sorts to care for the sick and dying.  Trading was a common practice and soon the store became known for its handmade rugs, jewelry, carvings, baskets and pottery taken in as trade for food and other basic items.  Today, the Hubbell Trading Post is a National Historic Site and is known for its excellent handmade rugs.  An auction will be held this weekend.  Gosh, wish we could attend.  They have beautiful handmade wares.  
Along side of the hogan is a small gazebo.  Looking in we saw a large slate type table and benches.   

 The blacksmith shop still has repaired farm equipment and tools, hardware, horseshoes and the gate with the Hubbell initials.
Dick liked this bread oven.  It was used to bake hundreds of loaves each week supplying bread to the family and to sell in the store.  We only wish it was still functioning.....How we love bread...

Corn, squash, melons, beans, and chiles gro here.  Daghaa Neezi Hubbell's gardener for over 70 years grew fruit and vegetables for the family and workers.  The garden is still full of produce with a scarecrow guarding its veggies.  .  
On to Holbrook.  No stop here just took this snapshot of the dinosaurs in town.  There are quite a few of them as well as enormous amounts of petrified wood.   

We're at forest lakes and relaxing for a few days.  Fished at Willow Springs and got a couple bites but only caught this stick.  Good thing: no cleaning tonight hmm but no fish dinner either.  
Worst day of fishing is still better than the best day of work!!!!!!!

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