Friday, October 7, 2011

Forest Lakes

From Moab Utah, we traveled to Forest Lakes, AZ , a wonderful place of solitude. Thank you to our friends who own a home in this area for allowing us to stay on their property for a few days. We enjoyed margaritas on the rim one evening as we waited for sunset. A beautiful relaxing time of day.
Wax on wax off. Dick does the rubbing on our motorhome to bring up the shine. Looking good.
We've been feeding the critters which had included the humming birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and many other birds. Who knew our menagerie would include this wild horse. He seemed pretty tame until he nipped me in the arm while begging for more food.
We're enjoying grass fed beef we purchased in Wyoming. It is sooooo good.
After meeting up with about 50 of our friends at a chili cook out at Sharp Creek, I took a quick trip to Phoenix to enjoy time with my mom, children and grandchildren. Violet is nearly 3 and just a bundle of energy.

Jack, Charlie, Thomas and Violet played as the 2 youngest tried on various outfits to pick out the perfect Halloween costume. They have some very creative ideas. Didn't realize how much I miss these kiddos while we're on the road.
Special time with my daughter Laura and her youngest Lucy. Lucy kept me busy with all of her school stories and fun games on the computer.
Luke, Henry, Theo and Lucy at our favorite dinner spot, America's tacos. These kids stay busy with soccer, cross country track and swimming after school. What fun we had on this short visit. I'm trying to play catch up on the blog site. All of the activities at the Balloon Fiesta have kept us on the go. A rainy day is just what I needed.....hmmm maybe time to clean house, too.

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