Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moab Utah

View of our campsite lit up by an evening light show from a raft trip.  We were fortunate to get a spot at Goose Island, on BLM for $6. a night.  What a treat to enjoy this light show. We did the raft trip a couple years ago so just get to relive wonderful memories.   

 Moe  and I did a short walk each morning. The bike trail was a convenient spot for our walk and  bike rides.  
Dick liked this walk too, nice level ground and great views.   

 Can you see the sheep.  It is so much fun to try to find the animals and creatures written about in the travel info.
 In the middle of the petrified sand dunes sits Balanced Rock, a huge boulder weighting about 3,600 tons (how does one measure this) perched on a slowly eroding pedestal.  Amazing
 This amazing site.  The double arches have to be one of the most photographed in all of the Park.
 Can you see the climbers on this pinacle.  It was so much fun to watch them scurry up this rock and then stand in awe at the top.
Just looking out and enjoying the views of a great. day.  

My 3 mile excursion to delicate arch had a huge payoff.  The view magnificent.  This arch sits in a huge slickrock amphitheater setting.   The hike was great passing the Parade of Elephants and several small caves.. Could they be arches in waiting.  hmm I didn't read about the steep dropoffs along a narrow cliff.   A great hike.  .  
 I'm the miniature person standing at the base of Delicate Arch.

More good hiking into Devils Garden area.  Tunnel and Pine Tree arches are on this path.  This was a great day....We'll definitely revisit this area and do more of the hikes.  Everywhere we look, there is another amazing view.  AMAZING  how many times did use this word today.   

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  1. Love the pics of the Moab area. Did you see the "wooden shoe" in Canyonlands (Needles park, I think)? My favorite is Arches... its so unique!