Friday, August 27, 2010


We were feeling well traveled. 4140 miles to Alaska and 1470 miles through Alaska. Then we met Peter and Crystal Mohr from Munich. This trip they have traveled 19 countries and 45,000 miles. They have traveled to 38 countries in their motor home including China, Europe across to South America and North to Alaska. They shared wonderful stories of their travels.

Sunset at 11 pm. Finally a clear enough day to enjoy sunset. We were hoping for Northern lights but no such luck.

We got to spend a week in Whitehorse waiting for our tow repair. Kayaking Long lake was one of my favorite activities. Might as well enjoy the area while we wait.

Moe liked it, also. A great spot to enjoy the water and a hike.

We caught up with our friends Sharon, Gary and Molly from Tennessee again. The Yukon river made for a relaxing spot for happy hour.

The Yukon river is 2000 miles long and was used by the stampeders during the goldrush to transport their goods upstream. We enjoyed a hike along the river.

This suspension bridge across miles canyon was built in 1922. Its still in use for hikers.

This was called the Grand Canyon by early gold seekers.

More gorgeous views.

The big machine in the parking lot. The trailer was nearly as long as the motor home. Dick was impressed.

Our plan was to go back into Alaska to see Steward and Hyder.
No such luck. We waited for 2 days but a fire and smoke closed the road. View of our sunshine.

Smoke hangs heavy in the air as about 80 of us waited for the Cassiar highway to open.

Buffalo are not phased by the smoke. A heard of nearly 100 were by the road.

Our campsite. Quiet spot along the Upper Liard River.

Must have one more cinnamon roll.

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