Sunday, August 8, 2010

Haines Alaska / Bear Country

Haines at sunrise:
Our travels take us into Canada and then back to Alaska to Haines, North America's longest and deepest fjord. Historic Fort William Seward is in town and was used during World War I and II as a training base for Alaska recruits. It is complete with historic homes, guard houses, barracks and fire hall and is in the process of being restored and turned into private homes and businesses.

The view from our home: Portage cove on the right and a waterfall on the left. Love hearing the ocean waves and water falling down the mountainside. Haines is home to about 200 to 400 eagles. We have seen them swooping into the water to catch their dinner. Yes, its still cool and rainey.

My poor jeep covered in sticky mud. Notice the tow plates are off. 100 miles out of Tok and again one of the plates snapped; the other was cracked. Frost heaves and damaged roads are the culprit. Dick and I are driving separate until Whitehorse where we are hopeful to get repair work complete.

We've been on bear watch and what a treat. Momma bear and her 2 cubs came out for dinner. Salmon is their specialty. Later we saw a mom and 3 cubs. Such a show. I'll try to get the video on my next blog.

Mom is intense on finding dinner.

Mom feeding her cubs.

We attended a Farmers Market held at the State fairgrounds. They have a community garden full of ripe veggies and flowers.

Its time to pick the cherries. Many trees throughout town are full of cherries ready for jam and pie.

Two girls pitting cherries in a garden in the middle of town. They dry the cherries to enjoy all year round. YUMMMM

These flower pots line the pier in downtown Haines. A beautiful site on the small boat harbor.

Our dinner. Bought crabs for $5 a piece from local fisherman. He even cleaned them for us. Just throw them in a pot for a real crab feast.

Dick enjoying crab dinner. Notice the meal is complete with newspaper table cloth.

These were delicious sweet juicy crab legs.
We enjoyed every bite.

Tomorrow we load the motorhome, jeep and ourselves onto the ferry and head to Skagway. A new adventure awaits.

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  1. Wasn't Valdez spectacular in the sunshine? We did the whale tour on the Lulu Belle, too, but that day it was pouring down rain (the story of my life!). I'm reliving my trip through your blog... I've been to the same places, but at a much more hurried pace. Enjoy, guys, I'm envious!