Sunday, August 1, 2010


Alyeska resort. 900 + inches of snow each year. This is Alaska's largest ski area. We rode the 60 passenger tram to the top. No skis this time of year.

Horse and rider statue that reflects the history of the native Alaskan sits in front of this elegant hotel.

Beautiful flowers surround the statue and are everywhere on the grounds of the resort. Amazing colors and the size WOW. These peonies were huge.

Great views from the ridge over the ski area. Amazing amount of snow.

Lots of snow still on the ground. Enough that Dick and I could have one more snowball fight. No contest here. Dick knows my aim even at 10 feet, he was safe.

Seward/ Kenai Fjords National Park
Exit glacier. We hiked to the area but could not climb it unless we wanted to risk falling into a crevice as the glacier is considered unstable and unpredictable. .


Exit glacier is about 3 miles long. It is believed that this glacier once extended all the way to Seward

Scenic waterfall just outside of Seward. A great hike from our campsite.

All of the trash containers are painted with great artwork and memorable remarks. "Do the right thing every dog gone day"

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