Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fairbanks, Alaska
Took the Discovery III, a sternwheeler on a cruise on the Chena and Tanana Rivers. This paddleboat was built in Seattle and started doing tours in 1987.

Headed out to the Tanana River, the largest glacier-fed river in the world.

The Discovery II was built on the steel hull of the last freighting sternwheeler on the Tanana and Yukon Rivers.

One of our favorite homes along the river. Many of the homes are built from the native spruce trees and have 4 or 5 paned windows for the cold Alaskan Winters.

Alaskan bush pilot in action. Amazing take off and landing on the river.

Home of the late Susan Butcher the Iditarod Champion. Susan and her dog team won the 1,100 mile Dog Sled Race from Anchorage to Nome 4 times. Her husband and daughters now manage the dog kennel and continue to raise and train dogs. Great fun seeing the puppies and older dogs interact and to have an opportunity to see a 10 dog team pull an ATV around their training track.

Reindeer sighting!!

Log cabin and display of native garments

This was a spectacular coat complete with fur trim and beading indicative of the Athabascan Indians

Dick and the fish smoker. Smoking fish in the big drum and cooking the fish remains into a stew for the dogs.

Smokehouse from the Original Chena Village used to dry salmon

Salmon drying rack.
Salmon is dried and used to feed the dogs.

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