Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridge Lake British Columbia: Pic of our friends John and Nicole and their two pups: Snickers and Nibs. We hiked to these double falls to enjoy the sight.

A hike to Deception falls. What a treat. As you stare into the falls, the
water actually looks like its running up hill.

View from John and Nicole's cottage. The lake view is oh so relaxing. They have acres of green meadows, aspen and lake front property. A slice of heaven.

A day of riding ATV's in the back country with John and Nicole. and a group of their friends. Beautiful tall pines and meadows. OOOOH!! Felt like I'd been on a horse all day., And yes, we're in our ski parkas to stay warm.

Williams Lake Tourism discovery Center. This is the ideal model of travel. Small vehicle with all sporting gear stacked up . The tent is on top. Now that is one way to travel.

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