Monday, June 7, 2010

Darn, pics aren't downloading to blogsite so sad as we've been having such fun. Spent 6 days with John and Nicole Mortimer, Canadian friends we met at Lake Havasu. They are wonderful tour guides and graciously took us around their beautiful lakes, forests and hiking trails. Spent one day touring back country on their ATVs with a group of their friends. John and Nicole are remodeling their lakeside cottage at Bridge Lake so Dick was able to lend a hand and help John redo some decking. Hiking was a thrill and a challenge..met a black bear one day. Thank goodness he was going the other way. It was a glorious 6 days, sharing stories, dinners and wine.
Then on to Prince George and Chetwynd, the town know for Chainsaw carvings. Over 80 huge pieces displayed throughout the town.
Tonight we're in Dawson Creek Mile O of the Alaskan Highway. Pictures are worth a thousand words so until next time....

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  1. Hi Dick and Beth,
    I am enjoying your adventures and the blog. We are loving summer in Prescott and have sat out by the chiminea fire looking at all the stars.
    Sheila and Paul