Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our day at Pike's Peak

Traveling from Manitou Springs to the top of Pike's Peat elevation of 14, 115 feet. This is the 31st highest peak in Colorado. The Cog train has carried visitors for over 100 years starting June 30, 1891 to the top of Pike's Peak . This was a 19 mile journey through breathtaking scenery.

View from the top. We traveled through four life zones from high plains to alpine tundra. The dramatic cliffs and rock formations revealed the majestic Rocky Mountain, the Continental Divide, the cities of Denver, Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park and the historic gold camps of Cripple Creek and Victor.

Views of the mountains and rocks challenged our imagination to find rock formations of sleighs, sea lions, and goofy faces. Our conductor was full of entertaining stories. We saw forests of pine and aspen.

Views from the top. We were suppose to see 4 states but the clouds interrupted our views.

Views inspired the writing of the song America the Beautiful. One talented lady Katherine Bates who could interpret the views into song penned the words to "America the Beautiful."

We traveled the easy way by cog rail. Many others drove to the top conquering 25 % inclines and hairpin turns to reap the rewards of the view from the top.

Majestic views of our country as well as sightings of marmots, big horn sheep, mule deer, hawks and the little squirrels graced our trip.

We loved it. The high altitude was a little overwhelming but we delighted in the views of the day. Notice the tight grip on my little bag of donuts baked at 14,115 feet and covered in a delicious fudge. YUMM

Cog trains travel on special tracks. Interesting.

We passed several trains on the way up and down. Crossing close enough that we could have touched those travelers going in the opposite direction. A delightful entertaining day.

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