Monday, July 25, 2011

On the road again. Finally after 7 weeks of delays we get to travel. My sis always says Life is what happens when you are making a plan. So during our 7 weeks, good things did happen. I got to spend a week with my Mom and Sister up in the mountains, spent a weekend visiting with my brother from Oklahoma, read 2 good books, took 7 kids and one daughter to see the circus, more time with mom and sis, learned the bus system in Flagstaff and went to several good movies. Hiked and biked in the mtns. and all around Flagstaff.

This was our parking lot for about one week of car repairs. Tag Automotive, two great guys who worked nights and weekends to get our car together and allowed us to park in their parking lot. If you're in Flagstaff and need work done, they are the guys to help you out and very reasonable, too. Even gave us a senior discount on the total bill.

This is what our car looked like with many of its parts removed. UGH!

Our car today with red ribbon on antenna. Ready for us to begin traveling. YEA!

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