Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Bryce Canyon is about 18 miles of amazing HooDoos-apillar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion. Hoodoo also mean to cast a spell. Surrounded by the beauty of southern Utah, hoodoos cast their spell on all who visit. You can't help but smile as your imagination runs wild viewing the thousands of Hoodoos. It fun to look out and pick out different figures, shapes .
We drove from Capital Reef past the Escalantes to get to Bryce. 14% grade at times. I drove the 12% stuff and left Dick with the big incline/declines. We were glad to get settled in at the National Park.

More Voodoos. I did a couple good hikes today but the temp is dropping and it is cold. Down to 28 degrees last night. We got out the hats, gloves, down vest and warm socks. Tonight we're getting some rain.....hmm maybe snow by morning. Glad we have the propane heater.

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