Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oregon Coast

We love the Oregon Coast
Great spot to walk the beach.
Free night camped at the Casino
in Lincoln City.

Dick's trifecta dinner
Crab, clams and oysters all on the grill.
Great dinner night

More ocean along Newport.
Stayed at South Beach State Park

Just love watching the waves come in.
Winchester Bay, a great spot to watch crabbing.
Next year we'll have pots out.

Lucky 7 Casino outside of
Crescent City Northern California.

Fog, Fog, Fog
crossing the bridge.
Glad Dick was driving this time.

The ocean intrigues and keeps us

I can't get enough...

Waves, waves, waves...

Sunset over the ocean.
Amazing colors.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"The Alaska highway
winding in and winding out
Leaves a lot of serious doubt
if the lout who built the route
was going to hell or coming out."
One of our favorite sayings about
our travels....

But it was Canada that caused us troubles.
Golf ball size crack in RV window!

Side window of RV shattered
Was it a thousand pieces?

The culprit? Roadwork, gravel roads and
speeding truckers..... our challenges...

A trip back to Chetwynd.
New carving from the 2010
contest were fun to see.
Dick and the octopus...

In to Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.
Yes vineyards and we had to sample some
of their wines from the 17 vineyards in the

Peach trees and we could smell the sweet fragrance of the fruit
ripening on the trees.

Apple trees with fruit soon to be ripe.

More fruit trees. Missed the picture of the cornfields.
The corn was candy corn sweet. Our last night in Canada.

Some of our fresh fruits: peaches, nectarines, pears,
tomatoes and black berries fresh from the field.

The moon coming up at our core of engineers campground in
Wanapum State Park. Feels good to be back in the USA

Sunrise through the trees. Great views from
our campsite.

Columbian River at our doorstep.

Trip to The Dalles very windy. Truckbed turned over on
the side of the road. We proceed with caution.

Camped on the Columbia River Gorge and enjoyed watching the windsurfers manage this windy day.

Catching??? another salmon. This ones a Chinook. Yummy dinner.

Views of Mt Hood. Spectacular snow on the mountain.